About Us



About Tricks24x7.com : 

Tricks24x7.com is a place where all basic tricks and tips of computer tricks, mobile tricks, internet tricks, Games tricks , Life Tricks are posted round the clock 24×7 for the users .

Our Motive : 

Our main motive is to provide some basic articles which can can be used by all and to provide some technical techniques which many of us don’t know . Our motive is also to make the tasks easier by providing some short techniques instead of doing in a lengthy way. We not only share technical tricks and tips but also some life tricks which can be used in a day to day life to make our life simpler.

Our Founder : 

Tricks24x7.com was initiated by our Founder Rajesh N who is a computer engineering student who help others to make others tasks simpler. So to everyone we made this as a web to make everyone’s tasks simpler.