How to add Colors to Folders in Windows


Hello Everyone ! Are you bored of seeing the same colors for the folders in your computer ? Do you want to have your favorite colors for you favorite folder or important folders ? Then here you are . This trick will teach you to add different types of colors to your folders by which you can differentiate folders with colors of your choice.

This Method of coloring the folders is done by an external application “FolderColorizer” which is to be installed on your PC/Laptops.

Requirements :

1. Folder Colorizer Software  -> Download Here  (The Software is Tested and its 100% virus Free)

Procedure :

Step 1:

Download the FolderColorizer Software Here  and install like you install  other programs.

Step 2:

Once you had installed the software , Right click on any of the folder in your PC/Laptops and you will see an option called “Colorize” .

Now click on that Colorize option which will take you to the sub menu . The in that sub menu you can see various colors from which you can choose your favorite colors. This can be applied to any of the folders in your PC/Laptops.


That’s it . Now you can add different colors to your folders. You can from wide range of colors to choose from . Enjoy . . .

If you have any doubts do post in comments i will solve you .


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