Best Techinique to Deseed Pomegranate seeds in 30 seconds

Today Just before writing this article i was eating this beautiful fruit Pomegranate. Actually i like this fruit a lot and lot and almost everyone like this fruit a lot . I always use to eat these seeds only after deseeding all the seeds from the fruit. Deseeding is the tough task and also it is irritating task some times , but after the irritating task its time to taste the tastiest fruit. Actually i searched internet to deseed the fruit long back and today i thought to share with you the best technique to deseed the fruit in less than 30 Seconds.

Almost Many Of Us Cuts the fruit in a wrong way which is also a tedious task to deseed the fruit. Today i will share the technique to dessed the fruit in less than 30 seconds.

1. Pierce the skin all the way of the Fruit with a knife in a horizontal direction to the fruit.

2. Split the fruit into two halfs.

3. Loosen the fruit all the sides like it is done in the below video.

4. Keep the fruit upside down and Take any knife or any spoon and just keep on tapping at the skin and you will see the delicious seeds coming out of the fruit in less than 30 seconds.

I am sharing the video which was available in the internet here for your better convenience .

I am using this technique for the past one year to remove the seeds and enjoy this fruit , I think many today many of us will use this technique to enjoy your favorite fruit.


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