Best tips for Clash of Clans Attacks


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games available for smartphones. Clash of clans is a strategy based game which is available for android and iOS. Millions of people have downloaded this game and that’s because it’s so much addictive.

When Clash of Clans was released it had gain popularity instantly. This game is played by all the ages of people especially the youth age ones. This game is popular among Youths.

The game is great. The best strategy based game for smartphones that one can imagine.

So today in this article I will tell you about Clash of Clans: Best tips for Attacks. But before we get into that, let’s talk about the game first.


In order to be great at this game, you need to have a great strategic mind set. This game is all about strategies.

First you need to create your own base and improving them from time to time. The more you will improve your base the tougher it is for your enemies to attack at your base.


Resources are also an important part of this game. You need to have enough resources to improve your base and troops. Gold, elixir and dark Elixir are the sources in this game. You can either collect Gold, Elixir and Dark from Gold Mine, Elixir Collector and Dark elixir drill respectively. Generally gold is used to upgrade your buildings in your base and elixir is use to train troops and upgrade your troops. Dark Elixir is use to train dark troops in the dark barracks.

You can also create a Clan in which you can team up with your friends and War with other clans. By doing a war you can get bonus loot and clan XP.

Now let’s talk about the attacks in Clash of Clans. There are various types of attacks. So here are some attacks and tips to get a successful raid.

  1. Barcher – It is the combination of barbarians and archers. Fill up your army camp with barbarians and archers. This attack is great for loots. You will also need healing spell so that you can drop it on your troops when they are about to die. When you will find a perfect base to attack then release your troops by swiping around the base.


  1. Dragon attack – In this attack you will need dragons and lighting spell. This attack is mostly use in clan wars. Deploy the dragon near the air defence and use the lighting spell to destroy the air defence. Minimum Level 3 dragons and level 4 lightning spells are required in this attack.



  1. Gowipe – Gowipe is one of the hardest attacks. Make a combination of 2 or 3 Golem, 2 or 3 Pekka and also around 10 wizards. Release the Golem first so that the defence will attack on Golem and not attack on your other troops. After releasing Golem, now you need to release pekka and wizards to have a maximum damage to the base. If you have spell capacity of 3 then put 2 healing and 1 rage spell.


  1. Lavaloon – Lava loon consist Lava hound and Balloons. Release the Lava Hound first so that they will attack on the Air Defence. You can release Balloons after Lava hounds will destroy the Air defence. Use Healing and haste spell to give assistance to your attack.


So these are the tips for Clash of Clans attacks. Hope you liked it. If you found that we left anything do let us know via your  comments and do share it!



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