Best way to Seperate Egg Yolks

Hello Everyone ! Egg is an excellent recipe for many of the dishes. We can add eggs to many dishes to make it more tasty. In most of the recipes we are suppose to add only white egg , also many of us not prefer to eat yellow egg. To separate these eggs , many people in their kitchens to separate the eggs. Today i will share you the best way to separate egg yolks which will take just around 10 – 15 seconds. Before starting with this article check out How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell .
Check out : How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell 

Steps To Follow :

In this technique your hands will not get nasty and this is a simple technique by using a plastic bottle which save more time and make our task very much easier.

1. First Crack the eggs into the bowl or in any of the plate .

2. Then take any plastic soft drink bottle which will me more convenient for separating egg egg yolks.

3. Now squeeze some of the air from the plastic bottle and just touch the eggs’s yolk with the mouth of the bottle.

4. Now just release the air and the yolk will get sucked into the plastic botlle and you can release into another plate. This is just like a vacuum pump.

5. Do these steps for all the yolks and you can separate all the yolks easily. I will also share a video which i found from the internet so that you will feel more comfortable.

I think from now you will use this technique instead of Traditional way i.e using your hands which makes your hands nasty. If you anyother better way than this post it in the comments section and i will make an article of it.

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