How to Block Candy Crush Requests on Facebook


Candy Crush Saga  is a popular mobile game which comes in many platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, blackberry , etc . . . This application is used by very wide range of users who need life to skip a level. So , to get the lives they give request to their Facebook friends which comes as a flooding notifications to our Facebook profile. Since this is an addictive game in Social networking , people take more interest to play which leads  to the flood of notifications.

Before that check our article Play Candy Crush Saga In PC & Laptops to play Candy crush saga in you PC/Laptops.

Steps to Block Notifications :

1. Logon to you Facebook Account and Check you Notifactions For Candy crush Notifications.

2. To the right top of the notification , you will find a “x” button .

candycrush 1


3. Once you press that “x” button , You will be asked to turn OFF the Candy crush notifications , Click on Turn Off to turn off the notifications.


4. That’s all now you are free from Candy Crush notifications. Now to confirm that you had made it correctly , go to Notifications settings and check whether Candy Crush Saga app box is Unchecked.

Now you can enjoy a peaceful facebook without these annoying notifications. Thank you .


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