How To Block websites in PC/Laptops

Are you looking for an article which can teach you to block websites which your children spends most of the time ? Do you to access to certain websites in your PC/laptops so that others cannot access ? Then this article will defenitly help you to learn it now. 

hwo-to-block-any-websiteThere are 2 methods for blocking a website.
Method 1: Using windows host file.
1. Go to my computer, “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” (make sure you are logged in as administrator).
2. After you go to that path you will find a file named “Host” open it with notepad.
3. Now you will see many lines of code. Now just go to the last line and type the ip address of the site which u need to block. Type in the new line next to the local host.


4 .Type all the ip address of the sites which you need to block and then save the file and if warning comes just ignore them.
5. Now try to open the websites in the browser which you had added to the hosts list and check whether you can open it.

Method 2: Using Control Panel.
1. Click on start icon then, Go to control panel > User accounts and Family safety > Set up parental control for any user
2. It will display all user accounts. Select the account for which you want to block.

3. Under Parental control ,click web filter. Click on block some websites or contents.


4. Click on edit and block list. In the address bar type those sites which you need to block. Click ok and close the control panel.
That’s it . Now you are done with blocking the websites. Hope this article will help you.

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