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Many of us use to use our Mobiles and PC/Laptops at a same time . So when we are working in PC/Laptops some times we would miss some calls and messages in our Mobile. Even you would had missed a message in your mobile when you are reading this article. Today i got a solution for you guys so that you use your PCLaptops and as well as you Android mobile from you PC and stay connected always with your Mobile. 

This Technique is made possible with a third party client “AirDroid” . This application will help you to do all these features 

Requirements :

AirDroid Application (Download Here) – There are many applications available in the market , but i am sharing the best application in the app which i had used , tested and posting it here.

Android Mobile & USB cable.

What you can Do ?

1. You can transfer Apps, Data, Files, Photos, Videos, Music Files, etc . . .

2. Send Recieve SMS directly from your PC instead of accessing your mobile everytime.

3. Install / Uninstall apps from your PC Directly.

4. Other features like Finding Lost mobile , etc . . .


Procedure :

1. Download and install AirDroid app in your Mobile Phone.

2. Now Open the app and Click on “Start” show on the welcome screen of the app.


3. You will get a web address on the welcome screen of the app , Copy that web address.


4. Open that address in the new tab.Now web version of the AirDroid opens in your browser

5. Once you had opened AirDroid in your web , you will have verify your Mobile App by QR Code or by entering the password.  

Note : Note that both your Mobile and PC/Laptop is connected to the same network.


6. Once you had done with this you had connected your Android mobile with you PC and now you can do all the features listed above. Now you can enjoy transfering files, apps between your PC/Laptops and you Mobile phones , Send / Receive SMS and other cool features.


I Hope this article helped you to connect your PC/Laptop and your Mobile all the time. If you have any doubts in doing this , post in the comments and i will help you.



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