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Hi all,today I will show you a cool trick in fifa15.That is getting more money to buy players.This method will not work on winter transfer(January Transfer market).Just follow the simple steps to get the trick.

Step 1: At the end of the season (after champions cup/league) goto the budget allocation and move the slider to 1:100 ratio.only wages must be their,and 1% transfer sum.

Step 2: Then goto the player contract’s.Now search for the players whom you will sell or loan out next season.and then give them high wage (750k) ,Give high wages to players until the wage sum is 0.

Step 3: Now save and sim to next season.At the start of the season transfer market , for the players you gave high wage list them in loan/sell them.

Step 4:Once the player is sent out.Just goto the budget allocation and see the trick you can easily get the money.

This trick can be used in PC/Ps3/Ps4/Xbox360/Xbox one.



Now for this its somewhat tricky,but you can do it if you follow the steps.Yes you can sign all the players for free.Not when their contract expires.actually signing them for 0$.

1.First search for the player,and then give a money which is his value.

Eg: Cristiano Ronaldo may be signed for offer him close to it.dontworry the money will not go.just proceed.

2.Now if the club accepts the bid.then goto the player shortlisted and remove the player for whom you have submitted the bid.Then you will negotiate with the player.Now give him offer which he will “DECLINE”.

Eg:for C.Ronaldo give him future first team player as squad he will decline the offer.

3.Now once you receive the declined message don’t delete it.Just goto the search and find the player again.And now you will have the BUY option again.Now offer 0mil for the player send the offer to the club.

4.Now goto the player message which he declined,now give him a contract which he will accept.according to his expectations.Thats it he will sign the contract now and you would have signed him for 0mil….Yes that’s the trick.Its a glitch in fifa 15 but its worth to sign players for free when you money to sign only one player.

This method is also applicable for all consoles/Pc.



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