Format Pendrive using CMD

Formatting is a valuable and essential tool when dealing with any type of storage disk and can help to solve a lot of errors. Every time you try through the property  menus (i.e. Right click -> Format )   it comes up with an error, or won’t even recognize the drive properly. So at those errors  you can avoid it easily by formating through CMD.

pendrive cmd

Steps to Format pendrive using cmdprompt :

Step 1: Insert Pendrive into any of the USB port

Step 2: Next you need to know the Drive label of USB Eg: E: , F: .(Be carefull because wrong drive letter may format that drive and data will be lost)

Step 3: Go to the start menu then click run or Press Win + R .Enter CMD and open CMD .

Step 4: Now you need to type the command Format G: Depending upon your drive letter. Press Enter.


Step 5: Here, you will be asked to press enter again and then to give a name for your drive. Follow these prompts then click on enter again.

Step 6 : It will ask you for the confirmation to Format the drive. Press Y or N to proceed .

That’s it , now your drive is formatted and you can use your pendrive as usual . This hard formatting will increase the  speed of the pendrive.

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