Hiding Files Under Images

Hi everyone ! Today I will teach you a trick called Steganography. That is hiding files in a image format. We may feel that somebody may peep into our files which we transfer with our buddies, So chill out. Now you can now share files with them secretly. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps.


Procedure : 
Step 1: Create a “new folder” with files that you like to Hide in an Image file, For example -folder name is “Files”. Now Right Click on the folder and select add to archive. Select RAR as Archive format and Click OK.
Step 2: You will now get a rar file with the name FILES, Now say you have an image with the name(ANY IMAGE) “image.jpg” in which we will hide these files. Copy both Files.rar and image.jpg and paste them in any drive of your wish.
Step 3: Now click on start icon and search for CMD and open it. If you files are in “D” drive then Type D: and press Enter. Now Type in this Code as it is copy /b image.jpg + files.rar new.jpg and press Enter.
Step 4: Once you had done it correctly, go to the location where you saved .you will find the Image file with hidden files in it.
hd1Step 5: Now to open the image files ,use winrar to unzip the files. That’s it. Now you can send all your files privately. If you have any doubts, please do ask in comments I will help you out.

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