How to Connect a PS3 or PS4 controller to PC

Hi all.Now I will show you how to connect your ps3 or ps4 Controller to a pc without using the MOTIONJOY or BETTER DS3.Using motionjoy or better ds3 sofware for running a Ps3 controller are tedious and Time consumption for setting up is very high.So by following the simple steps given You can easily connect your controller.
Motionjoy Or Better DS3  Disadvantages:


.3. Latest DirectX Runtime.You need to setup motionjoy configuration everytime when you use.Setup is confusing and hard to follow.The major drawback is it doesnot support ALL BLUETOOTH DONGLES.Only the listed dongles are supported i,e they cost 10-15$ to purchase those.But by following our method you can use any Bluetooth dongle or the LAPTOP inbuild Bluetooth also can be used.So lets get started.
1.Microsoft .NET 4.0
2. Visual C 2013 Runtime
3. Latest Xbox 360 Controller Drivers available.Download
Installation :
1.First you need to download the SCP driver package from this link.Click Here
2.Now,Unzip the downloaded scp package to a safe folder.Because you should not change or move it once the controller is connected properly.
3.Goto the extracted folder,SCP SERVER folder.You will find 2 folders inside.Goto BIN folder.Double click on SCP DRIVER.exe and give admin rights.
4.NowMake sure all the checkboxes are checked in the setup.i,e FORCE INSTALL,CONFIGURE DRIVER AND BLUETOOTH DRIVER.Bluetooth driver is optional if you want to use it wirelessly you need select it otherwise don’t.
5.Now click on install and wait for installation to complete.Now once successfull goto the Bin folder and run the SCP MONITOR.exe and it will automatically to the system tray.Remove the cable from the controller and press the PS button in your controller.
6.The LED lights will blink and then the system will give you a sound which indicates succesfull.Make sure the system Bluetooth is turned on before pressing rhe PS button.
7.Now you need to Map the Buttons for that download the Xbox ce software from here (the software according to your OS) and simply run and follow the onscreen instructions to map the buttons.
That’s it you can now use your controller to play games in PC.if you want to uninstall simply run the SCP driver setup and select uninstall option .Sometimes the controller may not detect the system , then you just need to RESTART the system and press the PS button.

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