How to Disable COC Notifications?

If you are playing Clash of Clans, Candy Crush or any video games must be pushing some popup notification. For some, this may be a great feature and for other this may be annoying. You can turn off such notification or disable them. If you are looking for some method to turn off the notification of the game, then you must check this post.

As you know Clash of Clan is a popular game which got millions of users and it is still increasing. Its an awesome game for a youngster and many teens addicted to it! Creating clans, going for war is just for fun.

This method works on both Android and on iOS users. So you don’t need to get panic about this issue! If you are Android user then you can check out the first section of tutorial and for iOS users can go through the rest of tutorial section.

So without wasting any more time, let check it out!

For Android User:

In order to stop the notification, you need to navigate to Settings >> Application Manager >> Uncheck the Show Notification option.


That’s it! This will help you stop getting the further pop-up notification on your Android device.

For iOS User:

Similar to Android settings, you can stop getting the pop-up notification easily. All you need to is just navigate to Settings and to Notification Centre. There select Clash of Clans line and choose Turn Off alerts, sounds, lock screen notification.


That’s it, guys! You’ve done it successfully!

I hope this post helped you a lot to turn off the clash of clans notifications. If you know any other easiest method or any clash of clans tips then let us know in comments below. We always welcome your feedback to improve our quality. Stay tuned for more! Cheers:D

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