How to Download Prisma for Android

Hey All !!! Hope you all are doing good. Right now , the talk  of the town is Pokemon Go and Prisma . Everyone is going craze for Pokemon go and Prisma app. Prisma was earlier released only for iOS users which made all of the android users to wait for a very long time . Now , the good news is , Prisma is launched in android. You can download the Prisma App for android below.


 Prisma For Android Features are…

  • Applies filters to the image supplied to it
  • Converts image to a work art or painting
  • Output image or picture has the art style of great artists like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh
  • Filters available with Prisma is far better than Instagram filters
  • It uses neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Lot of styles are available

Before that take a look at the article on How to download and install Pokemon Go in India?

Download Link : 



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