How to hack Wi-Fi password

Imagine for a moment if all the wireless connections in the world gets instantly replaced with the cables. You find cables all around, cables are stretching through air from every radio to everyone’s home, and you have got wires reaching to your cell phones. Radio controller cars would disappear and replaced by many cables. If you peered through your window, you’d see nothing at all but a cats-cradle of wires.

Subsequently, a smart man introduced the wireless technology, to cut off all the mess created by cables and thereby, making everything easy. Let’s actually see, how this brilliant yet simple technology works to connect us. Internet, it can be understood pretty well because it is very convenient, as all you need is to just push the start button and search for the necessary information in the Google rather than for a long and very time consuming search in the libraries. But today, you can have wireless internet access at home. At home, you might use a router to connect several computers to the Internet at once (saving on the need for several separate modems). In other words, the router does two jobs: it creates a wireless computer network, linking all your computers together, and it also gives all your machines a shared gateway to the Internet.

We always wanted to stay connected to the internet. And we can find internet everywhere it can be in the form of cables and mostly Wi-Fi. It is in our home, in the restaurants, cafes, hotels, even in our colleges and schools too. All we have to enter the key and get connected to the internet, but many of the time we find a private network that is a password protected network and then we get upset because we could not use it. But now there is no need to get upset anymore because Wi-Fi password crack has become so simple and easy-solved problem. how to hack wifi Today, when you need to crack Wi-Fi password you don’t need to get panic or confused as Google never give up for its app on the apps marathon hence we have got many apps for this purpose. Yes, I’m going to brief you about a few Wi-Fi password cracking apps. So here we go:


This is the first application among the other apps for hacking Wi-Fi password on android. For hacking the password all you have to do is just to scan all the Wi-Fi networks around you, this app will automatically connect your device to the network by hacking its password. You can download router keygen app for your pc and mobile from here.


This app can hack about a 55 networks around you. This app is very convenient to use as it has no complex steps you just have to run it on your device. It has the entire possible passwords as it has a large dictionary. click here to download CR Wifi.


This app will let you know the entire process of hacking passwords. It also shows the same signal. With this application you can check the coverage of your home. To hack password you have to scan the networks then it will show you the passwords. You can download WLAN audit from Google playstore from here and direct apk from here.


This app can hack the passwords of WLAN among others and the Wi-Fi key cracker will show you the password immediately. This app is easy to use.
Download WIFIpass from here…!

So, using these apps you can crack the password of wireless networks around you and can enjoy the service of free internet access that too free of cost.
So, this was all about wifi password hacking. If you found it useful. Do share it !

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