How to hide seen mark in Facebook messages?


Facebook has become everyone’s favorite social media site to chat with family and friends where you not only chat with your acquaintance but also post pictures, videos, play games etc. But Facebook is very popular for its messenger where you can chat with you friends and families. It is popular because it provides us a lot of options which everyone likes such as Chat Offline option so that no one knows that you are online and then you can talk with only those whom with you want to talk. However, one big problem is that –  even if you are offline, the person at the other end can know whether or not you have read their text(s).

It can be annoying as there are some people whom we don’t want to talk. So in this article I will tell you two methods to mark a message which you have already read, unread. One is manually which option Facebook provides and one is automatic for which you need to install extensions for the same on your device.

Method 1:

There are so many extensions available to serve the purpose of unseeing the Facebook messages. There are various extensions available for various web browsers. By adding these extensions to your web browsers you can chat someone and that person won’t even get to know if you have seen his/ her message.

  • If the web browser you use is google chrome, then add Facebook Unseen extension. This extension simply blocks the URL which directs the ‘read receipt’ to all your Facebook messages.
  • If you use any other web browser than google Chrome, then search for the extensions which serves the same purpose and add it to your web browser.
  • After the installation, just simply close your web browser and open it again.
  • Now open the Facebook website and log in to your account, you will see that the seen option will not be visible to your friends while you chat with them.
  • To check if the extension is working or not, simply go to the message box of your account after reading someone’s message and check whether the color of that person’s message in the inbox of your account is blue or not. If it is blue than congratulations, your extension is working.
  • Now to avail the read option, click on the mark it as read option. This will allow that person to know that you have read his/ her message.

To disable seen extension of your web browser follow these general steps:


  • Go to the setting of your web browser and from there to extension option, if you are a google chrome user. If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, then go to the Add-on option.
  • Now simply click on the option which says disable or remove situation infornt of the Facebook Seen extension.

Method 2:

You don’t need to install any additional extension or app to disable the seen option from Facebook for this method. Many of you must have known this steps. To disable seen option in your Facebook chats manually follow these steps:


  • Open up you Facebook account and log into it. Go to your Inbox where you have all the messages and open up the chat which you have read or reading, then click on the ‘Mark as unread’ option.
  • Every time you have read a chat and want to mark it as unread, follow step 1 again and again.So, hope you got to know how to hide seen mark in Facebook messages, now if it helped you please do share it !

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