How to Lock or Unlock Windows PC using USB Pen Drive

Are you using password protection for your system,You may feel bored of typing the password again and again.If you want to use your finger print to unlock your system,you need to spend money getting the finger print reader.So now by using a USB PenDrive you can Lock and Unclock your computer.By using this you can trick your friends also and at the same time It is highly secure.Follow the simple instructions given below.

Befor Starting Connect your USB Pen Drive.
1.You need download a software called USB RAPTOR
2.Downoad and Unzip the file. Click on the USB Raptor file to start.

bootable usb 1

3.You will get the USB Raptor Window.Now you have to configure the settings.
4. In encryption Field, type the password according to your wish.This password will be used when you connect the USB.

bootable usb 2

5. In the Unlock file creation field, select the USB drive which you want to use and then Click on Create k3y file button.

bootable usb 3

6. Now in the USB Raptor status field check “Enable USB Raptor” Enable the checkbox .

bootable usb 4

7. Once the USB Raptor is enabled, you will see the red color sign in the USB Raptor status ,Itwill be changed in green color and the window will look like:

bootable usb 6

8. If you remove the USB drive the system will be lock.Again if you connect it will unlock.
So Now by doing this simple steps you can create creative locking method for the system,And which is fun to use also. If you want to get more advance setups then select the option of Advanced configuration which is located at the top right side of the USB Raptor window. Don’t lose the USB which you are using in USB Raptor.

happy wheels

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