How to Lock Whatsapp & Other Apps with a Password

How to Lock Whatsapp & Other Apps with a Password tricks24x7

Using Whatsapp these days are very common and the young generation are addicted to it. If you feel your friend may peep into your personal Whatsapp messages when he handles your phone no problem , with this trick you can actually lock your Whatsapp messages with a password. No matter what your friend tries to open He can’t unless you say the password. So for protecting it, iwill share you on how to lock whatsapp& other apps with a password with best available apps from Google PlayStore. 

 1.Privacy Manager :

It is designed in such a way that it becomes your basic privacy manager. It has the ability to keep your pictures, apps and contacts private. It also includes a password manager so you won’t be left with an unsecure application storing a list of your passwords to your important accounts.

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2.App Lock :

This app is sure to secure your phone from guests as it is also said that it is “guest-proof” That means your kids, friends, parents, etc cannot view photos, messages and even your apps. You can also give especial ability to shut down all specific functionalities of your device whenever you want, including a basic pattern/PIN lock, a quick-lock widget, ability to lock on incoming/outgoing calls, lock system settings, lock the Google Play Store, a quick lock switcher on the status bar, a re-lock policy (allow short exit, no need to unlock again), and prevent apps from being uninstalled.

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3.Hide It Pro

This app has a very unique feature compared to others, as it makes one to hide anything on their device, and does not let anyone know that anything is being hidden. The app is cleverly designed as a fully-functional audio manager, and lets you categorize your media into folders of your choosing. Hide It Pro offers a “media suite” with all of your hidden content, so you won’t have to keep “un-hiding” it when you want to view it.

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I shared these apps because i found these as best as i tested these apps in my mobile. I think from here your apps will be secured from others. Do post on comments which is the app will you suggest to others from these apps so that others can install that particular app instead of trying all these three.

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