How to Make Bootable USB to Install OS

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Hello Everyone ! Many of us like to install Operating Systems using USB than using DVDs. So this tutorial will help you to make a bootable USB from the resource file (.ISO) with Pictures.

Requirements :

1. Official Windows Bootable Maker Tool  -> Download Here

2. USB Device.

3. Windows Operating System.

Procedure :

1.First of all You need to download the Tool from the below link : (It is officially released by Microsoft)

You can download the tool here 

2.Now Its pretty simple.Open the tool,Then in the ‘source’ tab BROWSE your windows iso file(You should have the iso file of windows OS).

bootable 1

3.Now,Choose USB device.As we are making a bootable USB drive.

bootable 2


4.Now,Select the correct USB Drive in which you need to boot.


bootable 3

5.Before Proceeding to this step,be careful.All your data in that usb will be deleted,so make a proper back-up.And click Erase USB Device.

bo 5

6.Then you will get  the confirmation to continue ,Just click Yes to continue.

7.The files will be copied to your USB drive.Format will be done quickly,But for copying it wil take 10-15 minutes,so be patient.

bo 7

8. Finally,the bootable USB drive has been created successfully. Now you can install the OS from the USB Drive. To install it through USB device Change the First boot priority to “Removable Devices” in BIOS Settings.

That’s all and if you have any doubts just leave in the comments and i will solve you.

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