How to recover deleted Files on Android Smartphones

We all use smartphones and it is like our lifelines. We store a lots of things in our smartphones. From Pictures to documents and music. We store all possible things in our Android Smart phones as long as we have the storage. These data that are stored in our smartphones are very important to us. But sometimes due to some reasons you lost all your data and you feel like everything just fades away. Well losing precious or important data from a smartphone is heart breaking. This can happen due to several ways like you went through factory reset of your smartphone which will erase all the data from your android Smartphone or your device got broke or any other software related issues which erase all the data from your smartphone.

But you can actually get all the data that you have lost with some tricks and techniques. There are several was to restore your data from your android smartphone.

You can use Dr.Fone software to recover deleted data that are accidently erased. This software works on both Rooted and unrooted device which is a plus point for android users.

So let me tell you how you can get Dr.Fone software and how you can use it to restore all your deleted files.


 1. Download and install Dr.Fone on your PC

Download the Dr.Fone software using your PC. You can use Google Chrome to download Dr.Fone. You can simply visit the website of Dr.Fone and just click on the download button to download Dr.Fone full crack on your PC.

After downloading Dr.Fone in your PC. You can go to the path where you have downloaded Dr.Fone and click on DR.Fone to install it on your PC. The installation will take only few minutes. After that Dr.Fone will successfully installed on your PC.

 2. Open the Software and connect your android device

Open Dr.Fone software on your PC and as soon as the screen comes up, connect your android device to your PC using USB cable.


Make sure that you have more than 20% battery left while connecting your android device to your PC.

3. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android

You have to enable the USB Debugging Mode on your Android device in order to run the restoring process.



4.Start scanning your phone

After Enabling the USB debugging, Dr.Fone will detect your Android device and click “Next” and the software will start analyzing your android smartphone.

If you are facing a long period of analyzing of your device then you can restart the software. Also if your device is rooted then you need to allow the program Superuser authorization on the screen. Now you can wait patiently to analyze your android smartphone by Dr.Fone.

 5. Recover your deleted data

After analyzing DR.Fone will show a screen where you can find the all the files that has been founded again. You can simply restore them back on your android Smartphone by clicking on the restore button. You can also save all the files on your PC in a specific folders.


Now you can transfer all your lost data from your PC to your smartphone.


You can also use free undeleter App which is available on Play store. This app is only available for rooted android device users. You can get back your deleted files using this app.

Free Undeleter App doesn’t need any other device to work with, You can simply use the app to restore all your data.

So, this was all about how you can recover lost or deleted files from your android mobile phone. Hope you like this article. If yes, do share it !


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