How to See all Hidden Traps in COC?

Looking for some tricks to see all hidden traps in Clash of Clans easily? Then you have reached the right place! This post is all about the easiest way to predict trap positions without rooting your smartphones. There is no cheat, it’s just a basic knowledge of it!

Most of the COC players build their base with various traps to make their enemies to fell for it. Anyhow some experienced players won’t feel for such traps! How do they escape from such traps? It’s on their experiences along with the view of the base. We can easily judge the base whether it felt for trap or not!

If you don’t know how here I’ve shared some PRO TIPS below on it! Just go through it and share your thoughts in comments below!

As the name implies, we can’t see that traps! Only this we can do is about guessing or assuming that there are some and maybe some traps and many people telling it as technique. If you are able to predict trap location you can prevent your heroes from attack.

So how I use to escapes from a trap? What technique do I use?

It’s really simple! I use to recognise the war base for trap setups. Then with that, I decide where to release my soldiers and heroes without falling for the traps. By following this you can prevent and find out the traps.

Without wasting any more time, let’s check it out!

Rounded Open Walls:


It just like alert which welcomes you to danger! You can easily find such walls where spring traps will be used the most. The enemy wants your troops to walk around that wall corner and once you do the traps get activated and it will give you some damage.

2×2 Tiles Space:


Here gain bombs play a vital role which gives you serious damage. It will give deadly kill all your troops in one shot. It’s very easy to find such traps and escape from it. When you don’t see any things just release archers for checking whether it got any gain bomb traps outside or not! If not, release all and win the war :D

Not only, giant bombs you will also find Hidden Teslas. They too cause your troops more damage so be cautious about it!

The Skeleton Spell:

This trap is only for getting Hog Riders and activate hidden tesla! It similar to Spring traps where it works perfectly for hog riders.

Hope this post helped you a lot knowing about hidden traps in Clash of Clans! If you have any thoughts then let us know in comments below! Stay tuned for more!

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