How to stop or block game invites on Facebook?


Who isn’t on Facebook? Every one of us absolutely love this social media site because it just doesn’t let us stay in touch with our families and friends but also with this chatting features. It provides us with so many services like data exchanging and playing online games on Facebook. Perhaps, all these features together make it one of the most popular social networking site.

Yes, one of the reason of its popularity is that it provides us with so many games such as Candy Crush, Pool and so many other such wonderful and completely addictive games. Who hasn’t experienced such games on Facebook? It is amazing playing Farmville, Candy Crush and millions of other such free games provided by Facebook. If you are a game player at a certain stage you need to send invites to others to cross levels and thereby, you send requests to everyone and so you will be getting requests from other game users too. And this is one’s of the most annoying thing that can ever happen to anyone.

Isn’t it drives you crazy when your phone starts pinging every hour and then you got to know that it was a game invite? This is so annoying, even I got so annoyed with it that I ended up googling how to stop these invites from coming as I cannot just simply unfriend that person who sends game requests for such a stupid reason. So, in this article I will be telling you some couple of ways in which you can stop or block the game invites. So let’s start with the very first way:

Way 1

If you want to block game invites from a single person who keeps on sending you different different game invites every time which gets very annoying. So instead of unfriending your friend you need to just follow these steps to stop that friend to send anymore further game invites.


  • Open up your Facebook profile and now go to settings of your profile.
  • Now on the very left side you will be provided with a lot of options. Among them click on the blocking tab.
  • Now you have to look for the ‘Block app invites’ section and then on the box there type the name of the person who keeps sending you game invites. You can add as many person’s name as you wish too. Keep in mind that this won’t block the persons, it will only block the game requests from them.

Way 2

This is the way from which you can block the game completely. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and then go to the settings of your account.
  • You will be provided with a lot of option on the very left side of the page, out of them click on the ‘Blocking’ tab.
  • Now, look for the ‘block apps’ section and type the name of the app which you want block completely. You can add as many games or apps you want to block. After this those games will only have access to your non-public information.

Way 3

You can review all the game invites and block them accordingly.

  • Go to the Facebook App Center of your account. Make sure that you have logged in Facebook.
  • Click on the ‘activity tab’ next to the ‘find games’ tab.
  • Here you will be able to see all the invites of the game you have received. Find the notification of game which you want to block. Now click on the ‘X’ button, you will be provided with two options i.e. block the sender from sending any further invites or block that app or game. Choose accordingly and click on the option.How you have go to know how to block games requests in Facebook, which will save most of your time.
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