How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop

Hello Everyone !  Worried of your laptop battery getting low while playing your favorite games , surfing internet, travelling, using at office ? Then here comes the solution. Today I will show you to increase your battery life of your laptops.


Battery Level

All you need to do is follow these simple steps,That’s it

  1. Click on the start icon and in the search bar type “CMD” and then right click on it and select “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR’
  2. Now type in the command ”powercfg –energy” Windows 7 users.

Windows 8 users can directly type in the search bar itself as “powercfg /energy”

3 .Once you execute this commands windows will start a complete scan on your system and will store the results as an HTML file which can be found in C:/Windows/system32. Now Open and read that file to know which application is consuming more power which will affect the performance of the system.

Additional Tips to improve battery:

  • If a pendrive or external hard disks are not in use remove them to save more battery.
  • The Bluetooth will be always enabled in laptops, so disable them when not in use.
  • Turn off the internet connection(by using adaptor settings)when not in use.
  • If an application consumes more Ram then don’t run those application when power is low.
  • Reduce the brightness level of the screen to low when battery is low.
  • Don’t make the laptop to become overheated which will consume more power.
  • Try to avoid playing games when the laptop is on battery use which consumes more power.
  • Do not download torrent files using torrent clients like uTorrent , Bittorrent and others which consumes very high power.


These are the steps you can follow from now to save your battery life of your laptops. Hope these will help you to save your battery life and have seamless connectivity with your laptops.


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