Increase your Internal Memory Of your Mobile Phone

Hi all. I will show you how to increase your android phone or tablets internal memory. Actually many mobiles comes with very less memory but you can increase some more memory by doing the steps that follows.

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Warning: If you do some steps incorrectly some problems in your phone may occur. we are not responsible for that. So take a back-up of your data before proceeding.

Procedure :
1. Your phone must be rooted to do this. You should have root explorer application.
2. Open root explorer in your android phone.
3. Go to system/etc folder mount it as rw(read/write).
4. In this location you will find a file named “vold.fstab” copy that file to your SD CARD.
5. Now Use SD card reader or mount your phone and open the file which you copied in Notepad.
6. In that file you will find lines like shown below,


7. Now you have to replace SDCARD with EXT_CARD(Lower Case).Save it and close.
8. Now again go to system/etc and change the name of the file to vold.fstab to vold.fstab old.
9. Paste the new edited vold.fstab file there and long press on it you will get a menu from that you change the permissions to “rw_r_ _r_ _” (DON’T FORGET TO DO IT)
10. Reboot the phone. It’s done. If you want to restore just delete the file and replace it with vold.fstabold file.

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