Increase your RAM Size using USB Pendrives

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Hello Everyone ! Worried of your RAM size of your PC/Laptops ? Restricted to run high end applications in your PC ? Then i got a solution for you today to help you to increase your RAM size. All you need is a USB pendrive . Instead of spending more to upgrade your RAMs , you can use your pen drives  as RAM and increase your RAM size. Though this is a Old Technique , I share here so that those who don’t know this technique can make use of it and enjoy your High end applications, Games, etc . . .

Requirements :

1.  A USB Drive.

Procedure :

1. First Connect your USB Device to your PC/Laptops.

2. Right click On My Computer from Desktop or File Explorer and Click on Properties.

3. Once the Properties window opens, Click on Performance in Advanced Tab.


4. Now Click on Advanced tab and click on virtual memory and select your USB Device and click on Change Size.


5. View the Memory size available and Click on OK button

6. Now Right Click On the USB Device connected and Click on Properties.

7 Click on “ReadyBoost” Tab and Select “Use This Device” and choose the amount of the size you want to use it as virtual RAM and click OK.


Now you are done and you can continue playing your favorite games, high end applications and others. If you have any doubts in setting up your USB device as RAM , post in the comments and i will solve for you.


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