Install iOS On Android Mobile Phones

Ever dreamed of using a iPhone, now its your time to change your android phone into iPhone by customizing. It’s pretty simple to do so, by just installing few applications you can also visualize as of using a iPhone. All the links provided are for PRO apps and not free version so you can just download and install them and enjoy all the pro features of it. 


Note : This article will not help you to install original iOS On android , this will help to get iOS experience on android mobile.

Procedure : 
1. Download the Espier Launcher 7 and install it. In this application it gives the exact home screen as of iPhone. This launcher is customizable and you can add many themes to it, design own icons, and also it supports multi language .

2. Download and install iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD This application gives you the same lock screen as of iPhone. you can use slider lock or pass code type.

2. Download and install Espier Notifications 7 .This app gives you the perfect notification manager, it has cool features as of an iPhone. Use Notification Center to effectively manage which notifications can be displayed.
4.Download and install Control Center 7 This app gives you to control the system functions such as Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, and so on.
5. Download and install Espier Dialer 7 This app gives you the dialer as same as of iPhone’s dial pad and contact manager also.

 There are some few other apps you need to download to get the best iPhone experiance on android.
1. Boot Animation

2. iOS 7 Browser

3. iOS 7 Calculator

4. iOS Gallery

5. A.I.type Keyboard

6. iOS 7 Music

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