Partitioning Hardisk without Formatting

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Hi Everyone ! Today I will show you how to create a new partition in your hard disk without affecting the files present in the drives. You may have a new system which is poorly partitioned or you may not like the partition which is done in defaut. So by following these steps you can create your own partitions.

Procedure : 
Step 1: First of all go to ‘Start’ and then on the window that appears search for ‘Computer’ and then once you right-click on it another window opens and then you should navigate to the option ‘Manage’.
Step 2: In the computer manager window, select STORAGE in left side options available and select DISK MANAGEMENT.

Step 3: Now it will display all the drives present in your computer.

Step 4: Right click on the drive which you want to change the partition size. and select shrink volume.
Step 5: A new window should open in which the size of the drive before shrinking will be mentioned and the available space to shrink will be there and in the next line you will be asked to enter the amount of space you want to shrink and this will be the size of the new partition.
hddd 5
Note : The space you enter must be within the limit of the available space displayed above.
Step 6: After entering the values click on the option ‘Shrink ” and wait for the process to complete.
Step 7: Once the operation is completed a window appears showing unallocated space and the value is exactly the one you entered earlier. Select this unallocated space and on right clicking on it click on the option ‘New Simple Volume’.
Step 8: Now select the type of partition you need to createand give a Label for the drive.
Step 9 : Click on Next. That’s it. You have now created a new partition.

I hope this article will help you in creating partitions without formatting . If you face any problems , do post in the comments section and I will help you to solve the issue.

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