How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Android Device

Hi all ! Today I will show you some important android tricks which will be very useful for you. Almost 80 % of mobile users use android smartphones. But sometimes we accidently delete some important files or data in our mobile phone. So if you had deleted any data from your phone , then here is the way to get it back. These data recovery are dony by using various tools available in the market.

The various tools available are :

Download Here
Dumpster is Just like the Recycle Bin on your desktop computer. It is the one of best tool for recovering accidently deleted file from your Android smart phone. It can recover all the deleted files on your android device.
The features of Dumpster are :-
1. Restore deleted pictures, music files, videos.
2. Preview your deleted pictures before recovering
3. No need to root your device.


Step 1 : First of all Launch the application.
Step 2: Then you can see all of your deleted file on launch of the application.
Step 3: Select any file which you want to restore.
Step 4: Now just select Restore Button.
Step 5: Your Deleted file is now Restored
2. ES File Explorer – Download Here

Another method to restore deleted file is to use one of the best android file manager. This file manager is full of features and the one of them is Recycle Bin. Launch the app, and in the options you can find the recycle bin in the list and restore the files.



How to Recover Files from Android SD Card [ Using PC ]
Now I will show you how to recover using pc.By just connecting your Android to pc.
Android Data Recovery  – Download Here

Step 1: Connect your device and turn on USB DEBUGGING and install the software and open it.
Step 2: Now scan for your device, when it finds you can just recover the files which will be listed.
That’s it . Now you are done . Enjoy recovering your deleted files from your android devices.

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