Resize Images without loosing Quality

image resize quality

There are tons of websites which provide this facility to resize the images which actually takes more time to load your image from your Computer.People cannot wait for much time ,so they keep on changing the sites from one to another.But Now you can Resize An image without loosing its quality by downloading some softwares.The steps are given below just follow them.


JPEG, PNG, GIF, SIV are some of the image formats that can be compressed with this online application. This reduces the image to a considerable point without losing the image size.This application is also available in Chrome and Firefox extensions.



After uploading the image from your computer, give the size of the image and quality you wish. This provides only some control of the output and compression ratio But Greatly Helps to Resize Image without loosing Quality.


3. is the best and popular online application you can have to compress images. It is present with an up-loader as well as URL box to have the image. In this you will not be provided with the ‘enter’ option to enter the image quality as that of previous one because it automatically optimizes the image to the best possible size with the same quality.

img smush 

4. &

A slider appears as soon as you upload an image to auto control the quality of the last image. A preview panel is provided for showcasing the changes according to the quality slider change. So before downloading the image you can have the review of your final image. This application is available on different domains for JPG and PNG images.



This application is available to compress the PNG files. Upload an image and you can get a compressed size of the image. Besides this, , a quick tool to compress the PNG images to the best level without affecting the image quality.

Desktop tool

In some cases you wont connected to internet so at that time if you need to resize an image then you need a Desktop tool to do this task then i would suggest you to have the best available,PNG Gauntlet as your first choice, You will need .Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 to run this tool on your Windows.  Download Here 

dktp tool

I think from here you will find any dificulties to resize the image without losing the quality of the image. Thank you .

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