Top 6 Pokemon Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Looking for some effective “Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks and Hacks”? Then you must check this post out to learn more about the newly released Pokemon Go app!

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Pokémon Go is a new game available on the market which let you to caught various type of Pokémon in virtual life. It similar to the insanely popular franchise of  Pokémon. If you have watched Pokémon series, then you might know how it works. Pokémon trainers travel to the various place and put them in a battle against other players to get trophies and badges. Before that, they need to capture many Pokémon and train them! Anyhow for using Pokémon Go, you don’t need any previous experience.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a free mobile application developed by Nintendo. At present this app is only available for iOS and Android platform. You can get Pokémon easily just by roaming by spending sometimes with fun. Whenever you capture a new Pokémon that will be added to your Pokédex, a sort of Pokémon storing database.  Here in this App, you are a Pokémon trainer so that you need to train to Pokémon by going to your local gym.

Before that , If you Haven’t Installed PokeMon Go Still , Read the Below Article :

How to Download & Install PokeMon Go 

In this post, I’m going to share Pokemon Go tricks, tips and hacks that will let you catch all Pokemon nearby you! Excited about it? Let’s check it out,

#1. Catching Pikachu

Once you install the Pokemon go app, then it will offer you three Pokemon namely Charmander, Squirrel and Bulbasaur at the start. If you want to catch Pikachu then you can get it easily by following this trick.


At first, while the Pokemon go will offering some Pokemon. At that time, don’t select any Pokemon when offered. Instead, just take a walk for some distance and return to the same place where you found that pokemon. There you will see Pikachu as your 4th starter Pokemon. That’s it! You can capture it and train it by going to your local gym.

#2. Spoofing your GPS

This trick is just for getting more Pokeballs. To be short, if you want Pokeballs then you need to walk around for a while then only you will get. If you are too lazy then you can go with this trick. But for using this trick you need a rooted mobile. Yeah, rooted android mobile :)


By Spoofing your GPS you can trick it any location from your room and you can get many Pokeballs. All these things can be done using GPS Spoofing app. [link]

Note: Do this at your own risk! Your account may be suspended or banned by the developer of Pokemon Go (Niantic). We are not responsible for it!

#3. Using Incense

It’s all about catching Pokemon. If you have time then you can spend some time to play Pokemon to catch ‘em all! But for that, you need more time!  For that case, you can use incense. It will help you catch Pokemon easily as it will make Pokemon appear more continuously for 30 minutes.


Also, you can increase your level also fill your Poke Dex. At first, you will get 2 free incense along with your backpack.

#4. Playing while Travelling

If you are travelling faster may be on your bike then the game will automatically detect you are moving too fast. It will capture you when you travels above 20 Km/Hr and thus will let you make progress with eggs. It won’t hatch as those eggs require walking.


For such case, you can use this simple hack that will let you play Pokemon Go while you’re travelling. While travelling just tap on the Poke Stop and receive your times as soon as you get near enough. That’s it! This will allow you to play Pokemon Go while you are travelling.

#5. Turn Off Your Camera


If you want to capture Pokemon without any distraction then you need to follow up this method. This is the simplest method known by all Pokemon Go  trainers. While capturing Pokemon you need to turn off your camera, that will reduce you from distraction as well as it will save your power. Yeah, it will drain your battery power slowly.

#6. Hatch your Eggs Quickly

If you got any Pokemon egg on your poke stop, then make sure you have the incubator. Also, you should put that egg in an incubator that will let you hatch the egg quickly than normal.


Also, try to use Lucky eggs that will boost your XP for 30 minutes and level up your faster. Always use the lucky eggs in the populated area that will let you find Pokemon easily.

Final Verdict:

Hope this post on “Top 6 Pokemon Go Tips, Hacks and Tricks” helped you a lot! If you agree with it, just share this post with your friends also share your valuable thoughts in comments below. If you are facing any issues or can’t able to download then let us know in comments.

Stay tuned for more! Happy Hunting!

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