Top Common Mistakes we make in Clash of Clans

Clan wars will be awesome in Clash of Clans. Winning Clan War will take you some new strategies also with new techniques. If you have normal war base or if you want to go for a normal ride then you need to follow different strategy without getting any trouble. If you are trying to go for a war and wanna win it, then you need to check out this article. Here I’ll share some quick tips also some common mistakes in COC. By checking this article you may get some idea o avoiding small mistakes in Clash of Clans War.

As we all make some mistakes, we do them in COC too! Read up this below shared content and learn how to avoid small mistakes in Clan war? How to win Clan war easily?

Let’s have a look at some common mistakes in Clan of Clans!

Before getting started, I like to share some quick tips on preparation day!

After claiming the war, you need to check your defence status. Does your war base have working traps? Or if you need probably need to add some gain bomb and springs go for it! Also, make sure you request your clan mates to send some troops which will help you a lot for defending your base towards victory.


If your base got smashed on the last war, make sure you change your war base next time. Always try to do some research or look for new design layouts and change your war base frequently which will help you win the war.

Note: While going for a raid, you must only aim for their Town Hall. Then try to destroy 50% of the base followed by 100%. If you keep such thing in your mind, then it will lead to victory easily.

#1. First Attack

It is better to make your move at first by scouting your enemies war base during preparation day. During the preparation day, try to choose the equal target and plan where to drop your troops.If you give the best shot then it will increase your clan war XP also yours too!

Screenshot (3)

More chance of getting stars and some extra bonus if you win! Also, make use it as testing your new strategy and breaking their traps and walls.

#2. Using Spell

Fresh attacks can be won easily by using some spells. It might be a range or poison you can use it, anyone, as you wish. I prefer you to go with poison spell while attacking first and healing spell while destroying your enemy base.


At town hall 9 you can include poison spell and you need to deal will many other traps too. Poison spell will help you deal easily with Lava pumps, slowing down here DPS and backside skeletons. Also, it will kill your enemies with poison in no time.

But most of us don’t use such strategy while going for a raid!

#3. King & Queen Drop Timing

This is one of the most important common mistake made by 80% of clashers. Most of the people will drop golems and then wizards and wait for sometimes to drop their heroes. But it will take more time to clear the trashes and your war will end up with nothing. So better stay fire!

While dropping the golems and wizard you better drop the archer queen in the middle ASAP. it will protect your troops also it clean exterior trash in no time. Do the same for dropping your Barbarian King to collect more loot in the single raid.

#4. Finding the Traps


You better need to check your target during preparation day. While reviewing your enemy base make sure you check for their traps. You can easily find traps based on their left space.It’s easier to find tesla and giant bomb traps. Also don’t drop your troops towards an incomplete wall. They are just welcoming towards some kind of traps. Better drop archer or barbarian to check whether it has the trap or not!

#5. Dealing with Wizard Attack


If you are planning for wizard attack without carrying any troops with your, then you will end up with losing. If you are going only with the wizard you can’t win the war. Always make sure you make some distraction to cannons, archer towers, and wizard towers by dropping gains followed by Wizards. This will create perfect distraction and giant will help you a lot on this. Also, if you drop healing spell on perfect timing then it’s give you more advantage to win the war!

Hope this post help you know more about the most common mistakes in Clan War. If you have any suggestion, let us know in comments below. Also, if you like to share some tips with us, then let us know too!

Stay tuned for more! Cheers :D

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