Use Android Mobile Phone As a Webcam

Hi all, I will show you how to use your android mobile as a webcam. Today’s trend is video calling so, for that you need a webcam. They are a bit costly, but you don’t need them if you have an android device. Just follow the steps and get it done.
1.First of all download the Droidcam App and install it in the android device.

2.Now in your pc go to and download droidcam for pc and install it.
3.Enable your wifi and open the droidcam app.
4.In pc open the software.
5. Select wifi/LAN on your pc if not already selected. Now type the IP address which is shown in the device to pc.
6. Restart your PC and its done. Below is the Shot taken of the application using DROIDCAM.


happy wheels

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