How To Use Keyboard as Mouse

Tired of using mouse all the time ? want to use keyboard instead of mouse instead of using mouse everytime ? Today i will show you how to use keyboard as mouse. By this technique you can use all the controls like moving, left click, right click, scroll, etc …

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Setting up the keyboard to control mouse:

1.Shortcut Method :

Press Left Alt + Left Shift + Num lock on your Keyboard

Now a window will open for a confirmation alert to enable to use keyboard as mouse.


Press OK and continue using keyboard as mouse.

To Disable the settings to disable this setting , Follow the same procedure to Disable.

2.  Using Keyboard As Mouse :

Once you had enabled the settings to use Keyboard as Mouse , you need to know the controls to use the Mouse as keyboard.

You will be using Numpad controls to control the mouse  The keys to control mouse are



Mouse Movements : 8 – Up , 4 – Left , 6 – Right , 2 – Down .

Left Click                   :  / ( Division symbol)

Right Click                :  –  ( Minus )

Both Clicks               :  *  ( Multiplication)

Double Click            :  + ( Plus sign)

End Drag                  :  . ( Dot)


That’s it . Now you can use your keyboard as mouse. To turn OFF the settings , Follow the same settings to turn OFF the Settings.


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