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How frequently you use your Function Keys (F1, F2, F3, F4, … F12 ) Keys in your keyboard ? The answer is not much frequently used. A report says that only 20% Of the people in world uses the Function Keys frequently. Many of us would had used only 2 Keys frequently which is “F4″ in addition with “Alt” to close any program and the other is “F5″ to refresh. Today this article will say you the uses of all 12 Function Keys. 

Actually these function keys were made to make tasks easier and simpler but many of us still do not use these. So Learn all these uses and use it to make your tasks easier.

F1 Key :

F1 is a help key which helps you at anywhere anytime . 

Stuck at any any window don’t know what to do ? Then just press “F1″ Key and a help window will open .

F2 Key :

F2 Key is most widely used to Rename any file in windows. To do this Just Select the file and press F2 which will rename the file.

Alt +Ctrl+F2  will open any document as a word Document.

F3 Key :

Shift + F3 Key is used to convert the Cases of the Letters in word. This can convert Upper case letters to lowercase letters.

F4 Key :

F4 Key with the combination “Alt + F4 ” will close the program running currently.

Ctrl + Key will close the current window of the program. For ex. I will close the current tab of the browser.

F5 Key :

F5 key is used to refresh the current page in windows.

F6  Key :

Ctrl + Shift + F6 will open the document as Microsoft word Document.

F6 Key  will move the mouse cursor to the location page of the current window.

F7 Key :

This F7 Key is used for grammar and spelling errors in Microsoft package and also in other word packages.

F8 Key :

F8 Key is used to boot PC/Laptops in Safe Mode at the time of booting.

F9 Key :

Refreshes the word document in Microsoft word.

Send and receive mails in Microsoft Outlook.

F10 Key :

In Windows OS , It will open a Menu bar of an application.

Shift + F9 will work like Right Click of the mouse works.

This will take you to the BIOS settings on Booting.

F11 Key :

This is used to enter and exit he Full Screens of Many of the Internet browsers.

F12 Key :

Opens the Save As window in Microsoft Word, Excel, and other word tools.

Shift + F12 will works just like Ctrl + S .

These are the various uses of Function Keys . I hope these will help you to make your tasks easier. If you have any other use of a Function Keys other than in this article , post it in the comments section i will update in the article.





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